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Horse Arena Sizes

We install surfaces for all horse arena sizes and types. Great prices available from a leading expert in the industry.

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Horse Arena Sizes

As specialists in the construction of equestrian arenas, we can install surfaces into different horse arena sizes that you wish. There is a lot to consider on a daily basis when you run an equestrian centre, and whether you are looking for a durable surface for a gallop arena, dressage arena or a show jumping arena, we can guarantee you the very best in terms of customer service, price and installation.

We only use leading and trusted manufactured tools, equipment and products to ensure you get the best solution for your horses when they’re moving throughout the arena. Why not get in touch with us today and make your dream riding arena size a reality.

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Equestrian Outdoor Arena

Equestrian Arena

Dressage Arena Sizes

Here at Combi-Ride, we have noticed that many different dressage arena sizes are becoming increasingly popular and that customers want to know the best sizing options available for them. Dressage arena sizes vary depending on your riding skill level and the area you intend on installing. We find that many people enquire looking to install surfaces for 20×60m dressage arenas and 20×40m dressage arenas. These dressage arena sizes allow for plenty of space for training and give your horse the opportunity to move freely whilst demonstrating their skills and agility. They are also the correct size for competitive dressage, with the 20×60m option being used in the Olympics.

We can also install surfaces for custom horse arena sizes, but experience has taught us that these two options are the most popular.

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How Big is A Riding Arena?

While there are no universal horse arena sizes, the most common size for private use is 20m x 40m. Different disciplines can benefit from different sizes however. For example, large dressage arenas generally lie in the region of 20m x 60m, but for a standard show jumping arena, by adding extra width/length it allows you to have more space to master turns during training.

What is The Smallest Horse Arena Size For an Outdoor Arena?

The smallest usable horse arena size for an outdoor riding area is 21m x 41m. This is because for an outdoor riding arena, you will need to allow at least one additional metre, (preferably more) added to each measurement around the periphery to allow the horse to freely move right up to the edge of the space without feeling cramped by walls or fences. 

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