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Arena Surfaces

When it comes to installing riding arena surfaces, we are the leading experts. When opting to install an arena service with us you will ensure that your horses will benefit from an extremely supportive ground which is especially important for gallop surfaces, show jumping surfaces and dressage arena surfaces.

Whenever we install a menage surface, we use the best solutions for your requirements. With a range of different products, we can provide all popular types of surfaces including wax arena surfaces. All projects that we take on will first go through a complete site survey allowing us to provide you with an accurate plan before surface laying goes ahead. We carry out all the groundwork and use leading tools and equipment to ensure any materials used are spread evenly throughout your constructed arena.

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Menage Surfaces

We value the health and safety of you and your horses and want to help you enhance your show jumping and dressage performances. Fortunately, our menage surfaces can support your horse’s needs to confidently and comfortably ride around the arena. Whether you’re looking for combi-wax, equestrian sand, or rubber chippings, we can provide you with your preferred solution for a competitive price. 

Equestrian Menage Surfaces

During our complete site survey, our surveyors will offer suggestions and formulate an accurate and comprehensive project plan before work begins. Our team values thoroughness and transparency and wants to help. So, contact us today to organise a site survey and deliver high-quality menage surfaces to your arena.

How do I choose the right arena surface for my riding needs?

Selecting the appropriate arena surface for your riding needs involves considering several factors:

Type of riding activity: our dual stabiliser solution is tailored to address the firmness and cushioning of the surface. It specifically focuses on how the ground will cup and grip the horse in a show jumping arena, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Different material types: they can be chosen based on long-term cost, maintenance requirements and suitability for the climate.

Climatic considerations: in wetter climates, non-waxed surfaces might be more appropriate, though they require more regular maintenance. Irrigation systems can also be fitted to keep sand and fibre surfaces at their optimum.

Cost: Some materials may be more cost-effective initially but require more upkeep.

Are there special considerations for indoor versus outdoor arena surfaces?

There are distinct considerations for indoor and outdoor horse arena surfaces:

  • Outdoor arenas require effective drainage capacity to handle rainwater and prevent waterlogging. This is less of a concern for indoor arenas.
  • Indoor arenas need attention to moisture levels to prevent the surface from becoming too dry and dusty. Conversely, outdoor arenas may require measures to control excess moisture, especially in wet climates.
  • The choice of surface material, such as equestrian sand, waxed surfaces, or additives may differ based on whether the arena is indoor or outdoor.
  • Outdoor arenas may require materials and construction methods that are more resistant to weather elements.
  • Both indoor and outdoor arenas require regular maintenance, but the specific tasks may vary based on exposure to natural elements.
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