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Rubber Chippings

Equestrian Rubber Chippings for Arena Surfaces

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    Competitive Prices
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    Over 20 Years Experience
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Equestrian Rubber Chippings

Traditionally, equestrian rubber chippings were frequently used as a material additive for equestrian surfaces in the UK.

As surfaces have progressed and we understand more about impact and stability. Rubber crumb is used mainly for added frost protection for your surface if required, as well as preventing surface harshness, and damage impacts from cross winds. In the past, we have seen many variations of rubber as a result of poor manufacturing processes and material. However, the strive for an affordable riding surface has evolved, and has now moved beyond poor quality means. 

A popular solution nowadays is equestrian rubber chippings alongside our Combi-Pro and Dual Stabiliser solutions (which provide extra frost protection).

For an additional cost, we offer a specialised cleaning process that can eliminate a majority of metal wires.

  • Affordable
  • Frost protection
  • Surface protection
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long lasting

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Rubber Chippings

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What is Equestrian Rubber?

Equestrian rubber is an inexpensive surface material suitable for various uses, including outdoor riding arenas, training gallops, canter tracks and horse walkers. It provides a high quality, non-toxic, durable equestrian arena footing at cost-effective prices across the UK. 

What Are The Benefits of Equestrian Rubber Chippings?

There are many benefits to using equestrian rubber chippings, these include:

  • Minimising leg concussion risk by offering a level of protection for feet and tendons
  • The equestrian rubber chippings resist frost to around -5 degrees and protects the surface against cross winds giving riders an adequate, all-year-round riding surface.
  • Very little maintenance or annual replenishment is required as the rubber does not decompose, break down or blow away while also aiding in equestrian surface drainage.