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Horse riding arena with hurdles

Show Jumping Arenas

High quality surfaces for show jumping arenas. Competitively priced with nationwide supply.

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  • Competitive Prices
    Competitive Prices
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    Over 20 Years Experience
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    Nationwide Delivery

Show Jumping Arenas

If you need high-quality surfaces for show jumping arenas, then Combi-Ride can certainly help. We ensure that any surface we put down for your show jumping arenas does not suffer from any problems and that they are usable all year round.

Using our dual stabiliser solution, we guarantee great results for both the horse and the rider. We consider the firmness and cushioning of the surface and also think about how the ground will cup and grip for the horse. Any installation job we conduct is of course, with the horses well-being at heart. 

Show Jumping

Horse Jumping

Horse Jumping Arenas

A good horse jumping arena is essential to prevent slips, trips, falls and potential injuries to both the horse and rider. For horses to perform at their best, they require complete confidence in their footing. A good show jumping arenas surface will provide:

  • Shock absorption
  • Good grip
  • Support and stability
  • Durable and long lasting

For more information, get in touch with us today where our highly-knowledgeable and friendly team will discuss which horse jumping arena will work best for your budget and your space.

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What is The Ideal Show Jumping Arena Surface?

The ideal show jumping arena surface needs to be firm yet responsive and provides a secure footing to allow the horse to push off well behind the jump and land safely. By having a show jumping arena surface with these properties, equestrian grade silica sand and either dual stabiliser or our pro-advanced stabiliser fibre depending on use and budget will put you in good stead for your horse to master their jumping capabilities without causing injuries or setbacks.

How Deep Should The Sand be in A Show Jumping Arena?

The depth of arena footing sand is dependent on the sand quality and the chosen riding discipline. Generally speaking, for show jumping, a depth of 5 inches (125mm) of sand accompanied with a sand stabiliser additive is advised.

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