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Equestrian Arenas

With over 20 years of experience, Combi-Ride are experts in fixing your existing arena problems.

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    Competitive Prices
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    Over 20 Years Experience
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Equestrian Arenas

Are you looking for a new surface for your equestrian arena? Here at Combi-Ride we are a long-established, trusted supplier and installer of high-quality equestrian arenas and surfaces. Our journey began at Askham Bryan College where we acquired the technical knowledge that we needed to truly understand what is involved in exceptional equestrian arenas. Years of experience has built on that knowledge culminating in a second-to-none service and product.

Whether you are a professional rider or a happy hacker looking for a safe space for your horses to train and ride, we are here to help. We offer a range of surfaces suitable to all disciplines including dressage, show jumping and gallops. Through stress-free, efficient planning, we can recommend the best surface to maintain your horse’s physical well being.

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Equestrian Arena

Horse Riding Arena

Performance and soundness is key to horses whether they are used for sport, work or leisure. Our surfaces have been designed to improve the riding experience helping an overall performance increase from both horse and rider.

Our arenas are sustainable and enduring. Our expert maintenance advice for all types of equestrian surface further improves the longevity of the horse riding arena. Whether you require a surface additive to rejuvenate your equestrian surface or have a drainage problem that needs addressing, we can help. Our experience with arenas and surfaces expands over 20 years and we offer our expertise throughout the whole of the UK.

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Indoor Horse Arena

Having an effective and durable indoor surface fitted will mean that you can ride your beloved horse, no matter the weather, all year round. Combi-Ride has an impressive selection of indoor horse arena surface types ranging from silica sand, fibre, rubber chippings and our increasingly popular Combi-Wax. The Combi-Wax has been developed exclusively for us by one of the world’s leading equestrian wax companies, making the properties of the wax based emulsion stay structured within the surface to reduce the need to add water.

For excellent indoor horse arena surfaces, think Combi-Ride.

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Equestrian Arena

What Kind of Sand Can You Use For Equestrian Arenas?

 Equestrian grade Silica sand is commonly used for equestrian arenas due to its impressive levels of hardness and low maintenance. It is also a surface that can perform all year round, regardless of weather conditions or frequency of use.

How Deep Should Sand be in Your Equestrian Arenas?

Sand on its own can ride deep and be harmful to horse tendons – especially when landing. The most commonly used equestrian arena surface is washed and processed silica sand, laid to a depth of approximately 5-6 inches, well compacted, and combined with other good quality stabiliser additives according to the intended equestrian discipline.

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