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Combi-Wax Treatment for Arena Surfaces

A revolutionary surface treatment that improves performance.

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Equestrian Surface Treatment

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Combi-Wax is an equestrian surface treatment renowned for its performance improvement abilities, allowing the horse and their rider a better training experience. 

Combi-Wax is a wax-based emulsion developed exclusively for Combi-Ride by the world’s leading equestrian wax manufacturer. Guaranteeing structure and requiring less water to maintain both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, despite the lessened need for water, the combination of materials still prevents dust. 

With Combi-Wax, wax, sand and fibre bind together to produce a consistent, stabilised surface. It enhances the ride quality and stability without locking, ensuring the surface does not get too hard. 

You can add Combi-Wax to any waxed or non-waxed sand and fibre surfaces. So you don’t have to worry about replacing your existing surface to accommodate.

Save money rejuvenating
Can be added to any sand/fibre
Low maintenance
Enhances stability
Reduces kick back and dust
Provides additional stability
Reduces repetitive strain injuries

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Equestrian Arena
Combi-Wax has been developed to have less environmental impact because it has a very low oilcontent and reduces excess oils that are washed off by the rain or other water that falls on the surface. It also requires less water when maintaining the surface, therefore water consumption is kept to a minimum.
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