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Combi-Pro Advanced Stability Fibre

Combi-Pro Advanced Fibre

UKs leading sand stabilisation.

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Horse Arena Fibre


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If you’re looking for a high-quality, cushioned stabiliser Fibre for your equestrian arena,  Our Combi-Pro Advanced Stabiliser Fibre blend is a leading product for stabilisation and surface improvement in the UK.

The pulverised nylon and rubber fleck fibre blend is combined with an added 100% pre-consumer synthetic fibre. This offers a professional, fully functional and comprehensive product.

Combi-Pro Advanced Stabiliser Fibre is suitable for new build equestrian sand-based surfaces. It will also revitalise your pre-existing surface to prevent unexpected surface movement or uncomfortable firmness.

Some of its other beneficial properties include: 

Enhanced stability
Improved moisture retention
Low maintenance requirements
Increased support
Amplified performance

Download our printable PDF information sheet to discover more about our Combi-Pro Advanced Stability Fibre.

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