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Gallop Surfaces

Gallop Surfaces

Long lasting gallop surfaces available at competitive prices. Safe for the horse and rider.

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  • Competitive Prices
    Competitive Prices
  • Over 20 Years Experience
    Over 20 Years Experience
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    Nationwide Delivery

Gallop Surfaces

When it comes to implementing suitable gallop surfaces for both professionals and amateurs, we are the experts. With over 20 years of experience installing surfaces for race horses, we know that excellent levels of grip and shock absorption is key. 

We ensure that all gallop surfaces go through a full and thorough planning stage before any work goes ahead. It is thanks to our expert planning and preparation teams that all gallop surfaces completed by us allow for fewer kick backs and surface movement. If you choose to install a gallop surface with us, you will also benefit from the trusted ongoing maintenance advice from one of our highly-knowledgeable team members for greater peace of mind.

Our gallop surfaces come highly recommended by horse trainers and professional jockeys alike. Here at Combi-ride, we are known within the racing industry for our quality and service. Race horses are an expensive commodity, and we know that minimising injury with consistent, safe gallop surfaces is a priority.

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Gallop Surface

Horse Racing Surfaces

We know how important it is to have all-weather horse racing surfaces that are constructed with the horse’s well-being at heart. Horses and racehorses need to be able to exercise safely: apart from speed, stamina is crucial in horse racing. Daily gallops help in building and maintaining this stamina over time.

Thankfully, our expert team will construct your horse racing arena surfaces so that they can be the ideal solution for your horse’s exercise needs all year-round.

All our horse racing arena surfaces are tried, tested and are ultimately safe to give your horse the perfect place to train and exercise. Furthermore, we can talk you through which horse racing surface will work best for your budget and how much space you need.

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What Are Gallop Surfaces Made Of?

Gallop surfaces are typically made of silica sand, fibre and rubber surfaces. Only quality materials are used in the construction of gallop surfaces to offer superb levels of grip and shock absorption in all weather conditions.

What is The Best Surface For Horse Racing?

Dirt is argued to be the best horse racing surface. It’s generally more practical than maintaining grass and more affordable than installing artificial surfaces. Grass also gets damaged quite easily during rainy weather conditions.

Do Race Horses Run Faster on Grass Or Dirt?

Grass, compared to dirt, is firmer and faster. Some horse races are on grass purely for the reason that it adds variety and excitement to a race. Grass is also more forgiving than dirt surfaces as the horses hoof doesn’t bog down, like they often do on dirt surfaces, which often results in faster races.

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