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    Competitive Prices
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    Over 20 Years Experience
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Combi-Pro Advanced is our premium premixed equestrian surface suitable for all disciplines including dressage, show jumping and racing gallops. Our customers have found that our pro-advanced mix is the ideal choice for training, competition and lunge surfaces or as a top-up solution. Combi-Pro advanced is a premium mix of combi-pro and our 100% pre consumer Advanced Stability Fibre, mixed with a leading. Equestrian grade silica sand to create an riding surface of optimum performance for you and your horse.

As with all sand and fibre equestrian surfaces it is advised that correct maintenance and additional moisture may be needed to keep the surface in optimum condition. (similar to maintaining a lawn).

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Having a surface that my horses can find confidence and consistency on in training every day is very important, that’s why I chose COMBI RIDE. It is an extremely high quality, affordable surface installed by a very understanding, professional team.

Adam Trew